Best Bangs for Face Shape

“Bangs are so 2004.”

“What are you talking about? Bangs are totally in style!”

“You’re seriously considering getting bangs?”

“OMG! Did you see Selena Gomez’s amazing bangs? I want them.”

Bangs go from in style to out of style to back in style faster than anyone can keep up. Urban Vanity, on the other hand, is always pro-bangs!

Adding bangs to your haircut can instantly change your look which is why so many people often consider making the change when they’re ready to make a big change in their life – it’s no coincidence people!

Whether you’ve been inspired by a celebrity, a big life change or just a friend to join the bangs life, you should seriously consider what style of bangs to get based on your face shape.

We know exactly what you’re thinking right about now – “Uhm, what shape is my face though?”.

Take a look in the mirror and pay close attention to your hairline, jawline and face length. After examining these three areas you will better be able to tell whether you have a round, square, oval, heart or long-shaped face. Once you have that determined, jump to your face shape and see which options are best for you and your bangs.

Best Bangs for Round Faces

Think just because you have a round face that bangs aren’t for you? Think again! With the right type of cut and angles, bangs can be very flattering and complementary for a round-shaped face.

Side Bangs

Probably the most popular and safer bang options out there, the side bang is especially flattering on round faces. A round face tends to be softer around the edges and wider in the cheeks which allows the side-swept look to create more length in your face and almost create a more oval shape.

Straight Across Bangs

The straight-across look is not a popular choice when it comes to round-shaped faces but when done properly you can totally rock this look with micro bangs. These are shorter bangs that leave space between the fringe and your brows eliminating that “squished” look that straight across bangs tend to create on round faces.

These blunt bangs elongate your face more than the classic straight across bangs.

Best Bangs for Square Faces

If you have a square-shaped face and looking to get bangs, it’s all about optimizing the symmetry and balance. Since your jawline is most likely more pronounced, consider thick-cut bangs that will soften your face.

A-Shaped Bangs

Since square-shaped faced tend to be wider at the cheeks and more angular, A-shaped bangs work great because the tapered ends create angles which helps to soften your jawline and bring attention back to your eyes. Are you a romantic deep down? This look is for you.

Long and Layered Bangs

If you really want to soften your square jawline and balance your facial features, consider a long and layered bang look. These bangs should also involve a subtle “A” shape as well to soften your jawline and highlight your desirable features.

Best Bangs for Square Faces

Best Bangs for Heart Faces

Bangs can be flattering on any face shape but especially on heart-shaped faces which are wide at the top and draw to a point at the chin. It’s important to be mindful of your face’s length over width when it comes to getting bangs.

Crescent Bangs

We can’t be the only ones that seriously considered getting bangs after seeing Selena Gomez look like a goddess when she got them. A 70’s inspired look, crescent bangs are longer along the outer edges while being slightly shorter in the middle.

Keeping them long and feathery adds that soft touch to them that is oh so trendy right now.

Baby Bangs

When it comes to heart-shaped faces you don’t need to worry as much about balancing your face since there’s most likely already some asymmetry taking place. Lucky for you, that means you can play around with other options including baby bangs.

This look hits the midline of your forehead but takes on a more feathery approach than blunt micro bangs.

Best Bangs for Oval Faces

The ultimate goal when it comes to bangs is to elongate your face, making it appear like you have an oval-shaped face. So, if you were born with a natural oval-shaped face, consider yourself one of the lucky ones and go for these bangs options.

Softened Blunt Bangs

Hi Ariana Grande! Ariana’s long face and soft chin make for the perfect setting for softened blunt bangs that cut straight across. This style draws the attention away from a lengthened mouth and chin and puts the focus back on those mysterious eyes.

Medium Bangs

Want to try something a little more daring? Let us introduce to you, medium bangs!

Longer than micro bangs but not quite long enough to hit your eyebrows, this style has a retro feel while giving it a unique, futuristic and clean vibe.

This style works especially well on curly bangs.

Best Bangs for Oval Faces

Best Bangs for Long Faces

If you have a long-shaped face you most likely have a higher forehead which means you have a lot of area to work with when it comes to bangs. This allows you the luxury of strategically choosing which parts of your face you want to highlight.

Angled Side Bangs

Think of angled side bangs as framing your face. The diagonal angle on your face will keep people’s eyes focused on your center features such as your eyes and lips rather than your forehead.

If you really want to make this look edgy, start your part on the outer edge of your eye rather than the inner edge.

Grown-Out Bangs

Cropped bangs are not a long-shaped face’s friend. They will only make your forehead look longer than it already is which is why we suggest the grown-out bangs look which keeps the fringe line right around your eyebrows.

Best Bangs for Long Faces

No matter what shape your face is, our beauty experts at Urban Vanity Hair Salon in Brantford are ready to give you those bangin’ bangs that you’ve been dreaming of. Book your hair appointment today!