Urban Vanity Hair Salon & Beauty Bar Brantford

From the second you walk into Urban Vanity Hair Salon & Beauty Bar in Brantford, you’re greeted with the kind of smiling faces that you know are genuinely happy to be there, immediately casting a calming effect from head to toe. Almost like that feeling when you first walk into a spa and you know you’re about to be treated like the Queen you are.

I swear I was a loyal customer to my (now previous) hairstylist. But after constantly hearing such amazing things about Urban Vanity and how it’s the best hair salon in Brantford, and then seeing some of their before and afters, I just had to try it out for myself.

As enchanting as the first 30 seconds are, it’s nothing compared to the next couple of hours that I spent there. That’s why I just had to share these 5 things that I’m sure you will love just as much as I did during my visit.

Start with an aromatherapy scalp massage

Yes, you read that right, aromatherapy scalp massages. Every single haircut includes this amazing and complimentary service.

Starting with a spritz of calming scents, your hairstylist will then massage your scalp with a shampoo and conditioner treatment that will leave you feeling so relaxed you won’t want to move from the comfortable reclining seats.

I dare you to not almost fall asleep as they massage your temples and even along your jawline feeling like a mini facial.

New hair, who dis

Most of the time I go to the hair salon so my stylist can trim my dead ends and give my hair a fresh new makeover, only to go back in 3 months’ time and do it all over again. Just admit it, that’s 90% of the reason you go to get your hair done too.

The difference at Urban Vanity is Lori and her team truly understand the damage our hair experiences. That’s why they go above and beyond by using only the best of the best hair products and treatments that will leave your hair looking fresher for longer.

You’ll love Urban Vanity a latte

Complimentary scalp massages, complimentary hair treatments… what more could a girl want? How about a complimentary latte?

With a variety of flavours to choose from, you can sit back and relax while you sip on a latte that is made and delivered right to your chair while they take care of your lovely locks. Talk about a VIP experience.

One-stop beauty shop

With my hair looking and feeling better than ever, I decided I wanted my whole face to feel that fresh. Not only did I finally try microblading (ladies it’s worth it!) but I also tried a one-hour relaxation facial, because sometimes you just have to treat yo’self!

With all of these amazing beauty bar services available at my fingertips in one place, I felt like a brand-new woman!

Sending my selfie to NASA, because I’m a star!

Obviously, I just had to stop at Urban Vanity’s very own selfie station on my way out. And yes, the lighting is on point!

Feeling like I was ready for the red carpet, I had never been so excited to take a selfie and show off my new do, not to mention my fresh face and eyebrows that were, dare I say it, on fleek!

Although I didn’t have time to try all of their amazing hair and beauty services, you can bet I’ll be back to try those eyelash extensions, and one day for their bridal party package (just need to get engaged first!).

And the best part is, I can easily book online because who even calls anyone anymore these days?

If you’re still questioning whether or not to give Urban Vanity a try, trust me when I say, you definitely want to give the best hair salon in Brantford a visit and you will never want to leave!

A now loyal Urban Vanity customer