Brantford Bikini Wax

Winter has been here for about a month and if you’re anything like us, you’ve already had just about enough of it and are highly anticipating your tropical getaway. However, what you’re probably not highly anticipating is your pre-vacation bikini wax.

While we can’t promise it won’t sting a little, we can promise that your bikini wax will go as smooth as possible with these pre-treatment tips.

1. Make sure your hair is long enough

In order for the wax to properly adhere to the hair, it’s best if your hair is at least one quarter inch long. For most people, that’s about four weeks of hair growth. We know it’s hard but you’ll thank us in the end!

2. Take a shower before your appointment

Not only will this make you feel a little less self conscious, if you do it right before your appointment the warm water will open up your pores. Open pores means you will get a better result as well as it will be less painful during your wax. Win-win.

3. Exfoliate

To make sure you get a clean wax with as few ingrown hairs as possible, exfoliate the area the night or morning before your appointment. A simple sugar scrub will do the trick to get rid of those dead skin cells that could block the root of the hairs.

4. Plan your bikini wax outfit

No, it’s not to impress your beautician, but rather to help your future self. Choose pants or bottoms that are loose fitting. This will reduce the amount of friction down there and irritate the skin less.

5. If you’re working out, go to the gym before your appointment, not after

Similar to the above, the goal is reduce friction to the area for at least 24 hours. Jumping on an exercise bike isn’t exactly going to feel the best after a fresh wax, not to mention it might prolong redness and swelling.

6. Pop an ibuprofen right before your appointment

This will not only help with the pain, but it will also help reduce the swelling after your wax.

7. Hydrocortisone cream to the rescue!

According to experts, one of the best and most efficient ways to soothe irritation is a basic over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. It can alleviate any itchiness, calms inflammation and minimizes redness.

8. Book your bikini wax at least 3 days before your vacation

For the best results and to ensure any redness and swelling have subsided, we suggest giving yourself at least 3-4 days to recover before you hit the beach.

Is this your first bikini wax? Relax. 

If it’s your first time, know that it gets better. Is it going to be a bit uncomfortable? Yes. Will you love the results and feel like the best version of yourself in a bathing suit? Also yes.

Most beauty experts suggest keeping up with your bikini wax even when you’re not going on vacation or getting it done for a special occasion. While it might seem excessive to some, the logic is pretty sound.

Basically, your first bikini wax is going to be the worst one you ever have because the hair is so deeply rooted. The next time you get waxed your hair won’t be as thick or rooted so firmly therefore it will hurt less. The more you get waxed the less painful it gets, so as our girl Shania says, “It only goes up from here!”

More questions about bikini waxing? Be sure to contact one of our beauty consultants in Brantford and they’ll be happy to help you book your appointment!