DIY Lash Extension Removal

Eyelash extensions are a very delicate beauty treatment that, if removed the wrong way, can damage your natural lashes.

Although we usually discourage people from removing their extensions by themselves, there are some DIY home remedies that are less likely to harm your natural lashes when you have no other choice but to do it yourself.

First and foremost, we would highly suggest simply letting your lashes grow out. This will naturally cause your extensions to fall out on their own without pulling your own lashes out with them.

We understand, however, that not everyone has the patience to wait for this to happen and would rather remove their eyelash extensions properly to prevent them from pulling on them throughout the day.

Tip of the day: DO NOT just pull out the extensions with your fingers. This is the worst thing you could for your natural lashes and your eyelids.

Here are two different ways you can safely remove your lash extensions when you have to do it by yourself at home.

DIY #1: Steam and Oil

1. Remove all makeup

Seems like an obvious first step, but hey, let’s be thorough here! If you have already applied any makeup be sure to remove it.

You should already have special makeup remover wipes to help remove eye makeup so as not to harm your extensions or natural hairs. If you don’t, use a cotton ball and apply some light oil to remove the makeup.

2. Steam your face

Not only does steaming your face unclog your pores, it loosens the eyelash adhesive that is holding your individual eyelash extensions on. Since the glue used at salons is long-lasting, it takes some effort to break the bond between your natural eyelashes and the extensions.

To steam your face, boil a few cups of water and pour it into a bowl. Hold the bowl up to your face letting the steam rising from the boiled water gently start working its magic.

Do this in segments of about 30 seconds or so for approximately 15 minutes. To hold in the steam, place a towel over the back of your head to create a tent-like area.

Bonus tip: Add in a couple drops of your favourite essential oil for an aromatherapy session.

3. Apply light oil to a cotton ball

Using a light oil from natural origins such as olive oil, wet a cotton ball and gently bring it to your eyelashes. Rub the oil softly and generously to your lashes, focusing on the actual hairs and not just the lash line itself.

You should start to see some of the extensions falling off. Continue this process until all eyelash extension hairs are removed.

Be careful when it comes to using the oil because it can cause your vision to be blurry for a bit. To get your vision back to normal faster, try using eye drops to wash away the oil near or in your eyeball.

4. Rinse

After you have removed all the extensions be sure to wash your face. If you have a gentle face cleanser that would be best, but warm water will also do the trick.

Rinse your eyelashes to remove any excess oil and remaining eyelash extensions that may have been left behind.

DIY #2: Glue Remover

If you’d prefer to stay away from the steam and oil method or if you tried it but felt like it didn’t work, there are specialized products that you can purchase to help remove the glue adhesive from your eyelash extensions.

1. Buy glue remover

Yes, we know this is again obvious. Many drugstores sell specialized eyelash glue remover to help with this process. Be sure to read all of the safety instructions before using it.

You can also always send us a message if you’re unsure about what brand to use and we can help find the right product for you.

2. Remove makeup

Make sure all mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner are removed. You will need to be able to see where your natural lashes are in relation to where the adhesive attachment of your extensions is in order to apply the glue remover to the proper area of your eye.

3. Apply glue remover

Using those handy cotton balls, apply the adhesive remover to one. Don’t be shy when it comes to applying the product to the cotton ball, and it should be damp.

Using your fingers, pull down the upper lid of your lashes for one eye so your lash line is much more visible.

With the soaked cotton ball, rub the outer corner of your eyelid in small circular motions gently across the lash line. You may have to repeat this process about 15 – 20 times before continuing to the next step.

4. Pull loosened extensions

Be very careful during this step as you never want to tug or pull hard on your natural lashes.

Assuming the glue remover worked properly, your extensions should easily slide off of your natural lashes. Using your thumb and finger, carefully remove each extension by hand.

5. Remove excess glue

Once all of your extended eyelashes are pulled out, you may feel some leftover adhesive still on your eyelids.

To remove this excess glue from your eyelids and natural lashes, swipe over your lash line one more time.

6. Rinse

Finally, using warm water and a gentle cleanser, wash your face and pat dry using a clean towel. At this point, all of the glue remover, glue and eyelash extensions should be removed.

No matter which method you decide to try, be sure to take care of your natural lashes after the extensions are removed such as a lash conditioner application to keep them strong and healthy.

If you come across any issues removing your lash extensions by yourself, you can always send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. Otherwise, stay healthy and flawless Brantford!