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The beauty industry is always trying to come up with the next best thing when it comes to giving women thick and full eyelashes that are effortless to maintain. From miracle growth mascaras, to lash lifts, to heated curlers to some other trends that aren’t even worth mentioning.

The one trend that has remained a constant favourite is eyelash extensions.

Along with this popular beauty trend comes a few myths that have prevented some from even considering going this route to get that flawless set of semi-permanent lashes.

Well, our beauty experts are here to set the record straight that there’s a reason eyelash extensions are a fan favourite and that these myths can be put to rest.

Myth #1: Eyelash extensions damage your natural eyelashes

This is probably the most popular myth when it comes to lash extensions so let’s just get this one out of the way.

Although extensions can damage your natural lashes, that’s only if they are not applied properly.

When applied correctly, your eyelash extensions won’t affect your natural lashes at all. It’s all about using an experienced lash technician that has proper credentials and understands the proper way to apply extensions.

When lash extensions are not properly applied, including if they are too long or heavy or your beautician used too much glue, that may cause the extensions to fall out early and pull some of your natural lashes out with them.

lash extensions brantford

Myth #2: The process is super uncomfortable and painful

Just because other beauty procedures are painful doesn’t mean they all are!

If you’ve ever been to an uncomfortable eyelash extension appointment, be sure to visit Urban Vanity in Brantford instead. By the time we’re done, we usually have to wake our clients up because they’ve fallen asleep. We like to call them “Lash Naps” and they are a glorious thing!

Some people consider the 1.5 to 2-hour process a hindrance, but we consider it the perfect time to unwind and relax.

lash extensions brantford

Myth #3: It’s hard to wash your face with eyelash extensions

There’s no way water and facial cleansers go with glued-on lashes, right? Wrong!

Exact opposite actually – we encourage our clients to keep their eyelash extensions clean to keep them looking fresh and healthy for as long as possible.

Of course, you will want to be more mindful of the products you are using such as using “extension-friendly” cleansers. Try to avoid oil-based cleansers and makeup removers including wipes.

And whether you have eyelash extensions or not – don’t rub too hard while washing your face.

Myth #4: You can’t constantly be applying eyelash extensions

You’ve gotten eyelash extensions before and then you’ve been told that once they wear off you have to wait a certain amount of time before you get them applied again.

Pair that with the infamous you will have no natural lashes myth and all of a sudden, you’re left thinking that at some points you won’t have any eyelashes! Think again my beauties!

First of all, even when your natural lashes have extensions glued to them, they still go through the normal eyelash growth cycle.

As your extensions start to fall out you may be under the illusion that your natural lashes have stopped growing. That’s just because you’re so used to the length and thickness of your extensions that you forgot how short and thin your natural lashes actually are.

Once your extensions fall out and you come in for your next appointment for a reapplication, our technicians apply the same number of healthy new lashes that fell out.

Whether you want to take a break between applications or not is totally up to you! Either way though, it will not affect your natural lashes and their natural appearance.

Myths Debunked!

Eyelash extensions can enhance pretty much anyone’s natural lashes by leaving them looking fuller and longer.

Although the process is expensive upfront, just think of all the money you will save on mascara, not to mention the time you will save cutting your beauty routine in half every morning! 

eyelash extensions brantford

Now that our beauty experts have demystified the most common eyelash extension myths, all that’s left for you to do is to book your lash extension appointment in Brantford with Urban Vanity Hair Salon & Beauty Bar. Get ready for your lash nap!