Holiday Party Hair Brantford

The holiday season is officially upon us and we could not be any more excited than if Rudolph himself showed up at our hair salon for a little trim before his big night! If you’re like us, your calendar is looking pretty full of holiday parties galore. Between the shopping, party planning, and gift wrapping, it’s easy to leave getting ready for these big events until the last minute.

From family get togethers to work parties to those rocking New Year’s Eve festivities, you want to be looking your absolute best when it comes to your hair and beauty.

Don’t worry though, Urban Vanity has you covered so you can let your hair do the talking this holiday season with our top 7 favourite holiday party hair ideas.

Holiday Glam Curls

You know those glam curls that we’re talking about. Except now we’re taking them one step further striking the perfect balance between that Hollywood vintage glam vibe and modern-day style.

Rather than curling your locks away from your face, curl them in towards your face. Add in some sparkling hair pins or snowflake glitter and your holiday look is good to go.

Glam Curls Holiday Hair

Half Up Half Down

What’s the number one text you send to your fellow party-goers when getting ready after “What should I wear?” That’s right, it’s “Should I wear my hair up or down?” But why does it have to be one or the other?

Go for a chic half up, half down hairstyle that will work with straight or curly hair. Pin it back with a mistletoe clip and you’ll have the most romantic holiday hair look that will even make the Grinch swoon.

party hairstyle half up half down

High & Sleek Ponytail

Do you want your outfit to be the showstopper of the night? If so, try the high and sleek ponytail look that will immediately elevate your look. Not to mention how much the style will show off your sculpted cheekbones.

Flyaways killing your sleeked buzz? Just add a drop of hair oil to pull everything into place.

Relaxed Waves

Also known as beachy waves but we didn’t think it was appropriate to be calling them beachy during the holiday season. Sometimes less is more when it comes to your holiday look and relaxed waves are the perfect look for understated glamour.

When it comes to this hairstyle, the outfit, accessories, and even makeup options are absolutely endless! Add a bold red lip and you’ll have Frosty melting over you in seconds.

relaxed waves holiday party hair

Bonus Tip: If you rocked those holiday glam curls last night and have another party tonight, just brush through those curls, add some hairspray and you’re good to go!

Elegant Twisted Bun

Some parties are considered more sophisticated than others and for those particular get togethers, we would highly suggest a low twisted bun with a touch of elegance. While these hairstyles look like they take hours to create, they actually take a matter of minutes and even get the nod of approval from Mr. Scrooge himself.

With a few twists, turns, and of course some bobby pins, this look will leave you feeling ready for your closeup.

The Braid

Fishtail, French, Crown, Dutch, Mermaid – you name it, it will work! No matter which type of braid you choose to go with, braids are one of those classic hairstyles that will always look timeless creating an enchanting look for the holiday season. Just ask Elsa!

Tie in some ribbon or spray some glitter into your hair to add an even more magical and festive look.

holiday hairstyle braid

The Topknot

That’s right. The topknot is still here and it’s not going away any time soon friends. Those ballerina-style updos are out of the picture and this cool-girl vibe style is here to stay.

Be sure to pull out some pieces framed around your face to create just the right amount of “I tried but didn’t try too hard” vibe.

You can try these holiday hair ideas out yourself or treat yourself and stop by Brantford’s best hair salon to glam you up for the season.

Whether you need your colouring touched up, you need help with a particular hairstyle for a party, or you need some help with your makeup, our beauty team can create a look that will last you straight through to the new year. Give us a call or book your appointment online today!

Happy Holidays!