Summer Hair Care

Oh, summer. The balmy air, the irresistible scent of sunscreen and saltwater, the bliss of long, lazy days at the beach, of sun-soaked skin and endless nights spent on patios. It’s no wonder we can’t wait!

As you change out your wardrobe and swap those chunky sweaters and jeans for lighter fabrics, summer dresses, and tanks, it’s time to start thinking about your hair too.

For most, summer hair trends make them think of beachy waves, sun-lightened hair, and an overall effortlessness that is conducive to lounging around in the heat. While these timeless summer hair trends are certainly a good place to start, there is so much more to summer hair care than the obvious.

Beyond summer hair trends and the cuts and colours that will help you achieve a look that is totally trending, caring for your hair during the summer months appropriately is vital.

While winter is synonymous with dry hair and static, summertime can also take a toll on your tresses. Just think of all that time your locks spend in a chlorinated pool, all the salt buildup, and the heat damage from the sun blazing down on your strands.

That’s why it’s so important to adapt your hair care routine accordingly in the warmer months. We recommend switching out your regular shampoo for a clarifying one to help strip away chlorine and build up (hello sweat and sand!) along with using a UV protectant spray.

Have a particular summer hair issue you’re trying to combat? Our team of hair care experts are here to tell you how to beat the 5 most common summer hair problems below.

1. Sweaty and greasy roots

This might be one of the most common problems ladies face during the hot summer months. As the sun beats down on top of us, the first place to start sweating is the top of our head, leading to greasy roots.

But don’t sweat it! Get it? Because we’ve got the solution to this summer hair problem.

Solution: Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is an absolute summer hair care staple. Make it a habit to keep a small bottle of dry shampoo in your purse. We guarantee this will be your bestie for the summer.

If you start feeling those roots getting a bit too greasy for your liking, pop into the washroom and add a quick spray of dry shampoo to your roots. This helps soak up any of the natural oil build-up and dries up that pesky grease and sweat right at the roots.

Feeling like a DIY project? Check out how to create your own dry shampoo here!

3. Sun-damaged hair

In the peak of summer, the sun’s UV rays can be extremely damaging to not only our skin but also our hair. Similar to our skin and using sunscreen, it is important to protect your hair from this damage.

Protecting your hair from the heat not only maintains your hair’s fresh, vibrant colour but also maintains its life into the summer months.

Solution: Hats, SPF conditioners and reducing heat styling

Spoiler alert: The best way to avoid damage from the sun to your hair is to literally have something stopping the UV rays to your hair strands. Crazy isn’t it?

Wearing hats, bandanas, or headscarves are great solutions as a literal sunscreen from your hair.

If you don’t feel like rocking those summer accessories, we suggest applying a deep conditioner that contains SPF directly to your scalp. You can also use a UV protectant spray on the ends of your locks.

Lastly, ditch your hot tools this summer and embrace your natural hair! Instead of curling your hair, try applying some sea salt spray for effortless beach waves.

4. Untamed frizz

Frizzy hair is quite possibly our worst enemy during the summer, especially for those rocking thick or curly hair. At times, frizz can become uncontrollable if you don’t have the right strategy to tame it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Say goodbye to your frizzy hair, because it’s staying back in summer 2018 where it belongs.

Solution: Shampoo and conditioner with hair oil and serums

Most people are typically familiar with using hair serums and hair oils after washing their hair to tame the frizz. Using a shampoo and conditioner infused with antioxidant-rich hair oils like argan oil may be your ticket to frizz-free hair.

Tip: Rather than using hair brushes, which end up causing more frizz, use a wide tooth comb to brush through your hair while wet, helping to minimize frizz and maintain your natural curl.

Summer Hair Care Tools

Make sure to have a wide tooth comb in your hair care kit! Instead of a brush, use this when your hair is wet to help prevent frizz.

5. Saltwater and chlorine damage

We know there’s nothing more amazing than diving right into the refreshing water on a hot summer day. We want you to go for it, but also to take care of those luscious locks since saltwater and chlorine can cause a ton of damage to your hair.

Saltwater causes your hair to dry out while chlorine causes dryness and can even turn your hair green. Yes, we’re serious – green!

Solution: Wash before and after

When it comes to salt and chlorinated water, the key is to rinse your hair right after coming out of the water. Use a hydrating conditioner to restore the moisture back in your hair.

If you are an avid beach-bum, make sure to apply weekly deep conditioning hair masks to save your hair from drying out this summer.

Do you have any more summer hair care tips to share? We’d love to hear them! Feel free to share them on our Facebook page so that we can all enjoy summer how we were truly meant to – fun, fresh and fabulous!

For more tips on how to maintain your hair’s health this summer, give us a call or book your hair appointment in Brantford today.