Braided Brown Hair

When you frequently colour your hair, it can be like waiting for the stars to align to plan your next appointment.

Maybe you have a wedding or big event coming up that you want to be really fresh for, so you extend the length of time between colouring. Or perhaps you’ve been really busy at work and are waiting for things to slow down a little so you can actually enjoy the pampering at the salon.

And then there are the things that even the most devout hair colourists can’t predict; a global pandemic where hair salons are deemed non-essential and therefore your next colouring appointment is on hold indefinitely.

Whatever the case may be, you have roots, sis. Just before you reach for the boxed dye (don’t do it!) we’ve put together some hairstyling tips that will help hide your roots until you can get your hair coloured again.

1. Use a Headband or Scarf

Pull a Lauren Conrad circa season 2 of The Hills and rock a hairband. There’s a good reason headbands have never gone out of style, and that is for their root-covering functionality.

With a headband, you can wear your hair up or down and add some flair to your look. If you can, opt for a wider headband to maximize your coverage.

2. Dry Shampoo

Is there anything dry shampoo can’t do?

You might find with growing roots your hair gets greasier, which only emphasizes the contrast between your roots and colour. Dry shampoo not only helps absorb some of that grease, it softens the contrast, especially for blondes.

Don’t have dry shampoo? Try sprinkling baby powder instead.

3. Add a Braid

Braids are great for adding a bit of excitement to your everyday hairstyle, not to mention they add dimension and texture, taking the focus away from your roots. If you braid along your hairline, you can help disguise your roots while giving a look of depth to your hair colour.

4. Use a Tinted Conditioner

Using a tinted conditioner, or even purple shampoo/conditioner for the blondes out there, can help tone and soften the look of roots. In addition, it can brighten your current colour so it won’t look as faded and unkempt.

5. Change Your Part

Most people generally keep their part the same in their day to day styling. The fact is if you wear your hair the same every day, your hair tends to become flat, making your roots appear darker than they are.

We recommend switching the side of your part or mess it up with a textured zig-zag part to disguise those roots.

6. Try a Root Concealer

While this product won’t help you forever, a root concealer can work wonders you if you’re not too far on your way to an unintentional ombre. There are multiple drug-store brands that are available that should do the trick to get through that big client meeting (even if it’s on Zoom!)

7. Kick up the Volume

The more volume you have at your roots, the less noticeable they are going to be.

While your hair is wet, try applying a volumizing hairspray or mousse to your roots, and blow dry your hair upside down with a large round brush. Voila! You just completed your very first at-home blow out and no can even notice you’re overdue for a colouring session.

8. Try a Slick Bun

This trick won’t hide your roots per se, but it will help take the attention away from your mismatched hair.

Slick back your hair using hairspray or a light gel, tie into a high pony-tail, and wrap your hair into a bun for a stylish and sophisticated hairstyle.

9. Mask with Mascara

If you have dark or raven coloured hair, this easy at-home trick works wonders if your roots are too far gone yet.

Your mascara can give your roots the same glossy, dark hue it does for your lashes, while matching your hair colour. We recommend applying lightly at first, as you can always add more as you get used to applying it.

10. Wear a Hat

If you’ve discovered that you’re not the best at braiding, loaded in too much dry shampoo, or just need to cover your roots for a quick outing to the grocery store, wave the white flag and wear a hat! Quick, easy, and completely unsuspecting.

Hopefully these tips will help you look and feel fresh between colouring sessions that might be a little more delayed than intended. Of course, when you’re ready to really say goodbye to those roots, give us a call at Urban Vanity, we’re always happy to pamper you and help you feel like the best version of yourself.