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Here at Urban Vanity Hair Salon & Beauty Bar, we love a good old fashioned makeover, almost as much as Cher Horowitz. Our favourite part of our job is making people feel their absolute best, and not just sporadically.

Whether it’s simply trimming split ends, a dramatic hair cut, or a whole new colour, our clients always walk out with more of a strut than they had coming in.

We have put together some of our absolute favourite client transformations of 2019 for you to enjoy just as much as we do!

1. Sometimes You Just Need Mermaid Hair

Unlike the previous transformation, some people just can’t seem to get past that shoulder length hair without it breaking or looking scraggily. Or sometimes, you can grow your hair no problem, but in the words of Veruca Salt, you want it now.

Honestly, while flipping through the pages of your favourite fashion magazine, it’s pretty impossible not to suffer from serious hair envy with long sexy waves.

Lucky for us, there are extensions! We like to use tape-in extensions as they are less damaging to your hair, lightweight and they are reusable. Not to mention, they don’t need to be moved up for about 6-8 weeks and are easy to remove. Bonus!

Brantford Hair Salon

This blonde bombshell got her big hair look ready in time for New Years Eve. Using Goldwell Color, we gave her an icy blonde colour and styled it using Gloss Me and Puff Me. Safe to say she rang in the new year right!

Brantford Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for hair extensions in Brantford, be sure to contact us for a consultation. 

2. Seeing Red

Another dramatic and sometimes nerve racking hair-related decision is undergoing a big colour change.

While many women colour their hair, it kind has a bad rep for being very damaging. The truth is, hair dye has come a long way and now even comes with some benefits like sealing the cuticle making your hair look fuller and adding texture.

Hair colour is a great way to express your sense of style without completely changing your wardrobe. Whether you are looking to chase the latest hair trend or echo the seasons with lighter or darker hair, it can be your best fashion accessory.

Plus, who doesn’t like change sometimes? Sometimes you just need a little refresh and colouring your hair is a great way to achieve that extra pep in your step.

Brantford Hair Salon

It’s not often we get clients like this transformation. This blonde came in ready for a dramatic colour change and we were completely onboard. It was really fun for us and she absolutely loved her new bold look.

Brantford Red Hair

We have to give props to our very own Sharon who took the time to fill the pigment back in the hair which helps achieve a long lasting vibrant red colour. We sent this client home with Goldwell Revive Conditioner to help keep her colour looking fresh between treatments.   

3. The Big Short

As any woman knows, one of the scariest changes you can make to your hair is cutting your long hair that you’ve been working on for literally years. Once your hair is gone, it can’t come back, well not instantly anyway.

It’s always the initial snip that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you think to yourself, “Wait, am I sure?” Well, too late now.

But in reality, giving your hair a significant chop of at least a few inches can be one of the healthiest things you can do for ‘do. Saying goodbye to those split ends will make your hair look fuller, and who doesn’t want to boast bodacious tresses?

This client was as nervous as anyone about to undergo a huge change, but we were so excited because we knew she was going to absolutely love it.

Brantford Blonde Highlights

We started off doing a full beige blonde highlight, and finished off with a gloss toner. The finished style was with some of our favourite (albeit hilariously named) products: Lift Me, Puff Me, and Gloss Me. By the time we were finished, this client was smiling ear to ear and ready to flaunt her new look.

4. Bye Bye Man Bun!

We see a lot of male clientele come through the salon here at Urban Vanity. Many men wonder how often they should get their haircut, and just like women, it depends on the type of style you have.

If you’re sporting a short crew cut and/or have any fading on the sides, you will need to have it tidied up more often. In general every 1-2 months is likely a good estimate for medium hair length, whereas men with longer hair can wait a little longer. Unless you’re going for a complete change like this next client.

Brantford Mens Haircut

In this transformation, the client opted out of the ever-popular man bun. His new look gave him a sleek new ‘do that can take him from the boardroom to the big game. Added bonus – no split ends!

5. If You’ve Got It, Donate It

Let’s face it. Some people win the genetic lottery and have never had trouble growing beautiful lush locks in their life. While we know this isn’t true of everyone, it always warms our hearts when people use this hair-growing power for good.

There are many charities that donate wigs to children and adults who suffer from hair loss due to illness, burns or other medical issues. The charities accept virgin (not coloured) hair of at least 12 inches in length and use it to create wigs that are completely free of charge to patients.

These wigs help immensely with building self confidence, sense of self and feeling normal while going through a tough time. Wigs for Kids and Locks of Love are two such charities that accept hair and/or financial donations to provide free wigs to patients.

Brantford Long Hair Donation

Often times, the charities ask that you get your hair professionally cut when you’re ready to donate to ensure the maximum amount of hair can be used for the wigs. Our client did just that when she came to our hair salon.

We were thrilled to be one small part in her generous journey. It’s not everyday that we get to participate in this kind of transformation (although we wish it was!)

2019 was a great year full of too many amazing transformations to count and we can’t wait to see what 2020 is going to bring us. Are you feeling inspired? Book your appointment with any of our expert hair stylists in Brantford today!