Woman with dark henna eyebrows

If you flip open any fashion magazine, you can’t turn a page without being met by full, sculpted brows. Over the past five years, there has been an obsession with eyebrows in the beauty world and as a result, there is no shortage of products to help you achieve this look.

One beauty innovation that has emerged is henna browshave you heard of them? We’re about to tell you everything you need to know about our new favourite eyebrow hack.

What is Henna?

First thing’s first; what exactly is henna? You’ve probably heard of henna as a type of temporary tattoo, especially since there are often stations at public events and festivals. But where does it come from? 

The art of henna has been practiced for thousands of years in regions like the Middle East, Africa and India. Traditionally, it was applied as an intricate decoration or temporary body art for celebrations or religious holidays. 

The dye itself comes from the henna tree and the dye that is extracted from powdering its leaves. This natural dye is so powerful that it temporarily dyes your skin (think similar to beets or turmeric).

In traditional henna practice, when the paste is initially applied it has a dark brown-black colour. Once wiped away, it then appears as a bright red-orange. After oxidizing on your skin for 24 hours, it returns to its dark brown tint.

What Are Henna Brows?

Now that we know all about henna itself, what the heck does it have to do with eyebrows?

Essentially, the concept of henna brows is applying the henna dye to the skin beneath the eyebrows to give them the appearance of being full and thick. It also helps you shape your brows by giving them a bit of an outline.

Henna brows differ from tinting your actual eyebrow hairs because the eyebrow tint never fully grabs the skin. While your brows will look darker, they will not appear fuller like they would with an eyebrow tint.

What Are the Benefits of Henna Brows?

The key benefit of henna brows is that the dye stains your skin so your eyebrows appear full but more fluffy and natural, unlike other eyebrow filling products that tend to completely flatten your brows. The dye is also completely matte, so you won’t have an unnatural sheen to them.

Henna brows can last from anywhere to two to four weeks. If your skin tends to be a bit more on the dry side you can expect your treatment to last on the longer end of the spectrum than if you have an oily complexion. 

Unlike traditional henna, there are many different tints to choose from to best match your natural colouring. 

Are Henna Brows Safe?

Another reason why we can’t get enough of this beauty hack is that it is 100% natural and therefore 100% safe. Since the dye is made of the ground up henna leaves, it’s also considered to be vegan as well. 

The dye only penetrates the first few layers of your skin so it’s not harmful to your body whatsoever and even suitable for those with sensitive skin.

While we always recommend doing a spot test first, allergic reactions are extremely rare and usually have to do with any additives to the dye rather than the henna itself. If you have skin allergies it’s always a good idea to check out the ingredients of the dye before getting the treatment done.

Now that thick, sculpted brows are considered to be a beauty essential, you may be regretting overplucking your brows circa the early 2000s. Lucky for you, if your eyebrow hairs are sparse and you’re looking to achieve that full brow look, there’s no downside to trying henna brows!

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