Winter Facial Treatments

While you’re trekking to work, shovelling your driveway, walking your dog, clearing off the snow on your car, or taking the kids out tobogganing, have you ever stopped to think about how the cold and harsh winter air leaves your face feeling raw and red? Add in the sweet treats from the holidays along with how much your body temperature changes as you move from inside to outside, and it’s no wonder your skin feels dried out, irritated and tired.

Luckily, facial treatments were invented to keep your skin looking and feeling young and healthy all winter long! Dry winter skin is no joke and Urban Vanity’s custom facial treatments can help to heal your skin and reverse your winter woes.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you need to treat yourself to a facial this winter.

1. Restore moisture and rehydrate

While the frigid air outside bites at your skin, the warm air inside completely sucks moisture from your skin. Even if you moisturize daily, this combination can be deadly for your skin leaving it dried out and even flaky.

Drinking water can definitely help to rehydrate from the inside out, but really what you need is a good facial that will soothe and restore the moisture in your skin cells.

Just like you, our skin gets thirsty and a custom facial treatment is like a nice, cool tall glass of water for your skin. During our facials, we treat your skin with the best moisturizers and serums for your unique skin.

Whether you have oily or dry skin, we will apply the proper treatment that will leave your skin rehydrated and happy.

2. Brighten complexion through exfoliation

What makes your skin look dull is that top layer of dead skin cells, we know… gross!

Throughout the winter months, our skin cells tend to turn over more slowly due to the changing temperatures. A facial that includes an exfoliation treatment helps to revitalize that gray winter skin and help even out any discolouration or pigmentation.

While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in exfoliating treatments at home, our Dermaplaning Facial Treatments go beyond what at-home scrubs can do. With a healing mask and high-frequency treatment included, this deep exfoliation facial treats dull dry skin and brightens your complexion instantly.

3. Reset your skin

Are you one of those people that pop your pimples from time to time? It’s okay, we won’t yell at you – we’ve all been there! However, every time you do that, you risk creating permanent scars and skin discolorations.

If you find that you breakout more often in the winter months it’s because the cold weather causes our skin to be more sensitive.

What you need is a specially formulated facial that resets your skin by unclogging your pores. By softening and opening your pores, we can remove acne, blackheads, and impurities from your pores without harming your skin.

Our Chemical Peel Facial Treatment is used to treat various skin conditions including acne by using a chemical solution that leaves your skin feeling smoother and looking younger.

4. Repair and rejuvenate your skin

Let’s start this one off with a PSA: Even though it’s winter, you should still be applying sunscreen every day!

Just because the air is cold doesn’t mean the sun isn’t still hot. The sun is just as unforgiving in the middle of January as it is in July. It may not be as bright, but it is still just as damaging with enough exposure to play a role in the development of melanomas and wrinkled skin over time.

So, what will help you to reverse some of this sun damage that you’ve most likely been exposed to? Regular winter facials of course!

Try our custom Micro-needling Facial Treatments which include a restorative mask and LED light treatment to address various issues caused by sun damage including fine lines, scarring, large pores, and dry skin.

5. Last but not least – Relaaaaax!

As much as people like to say they hibernate during the winter months, the truth is we’re all busy and treating yourself to a facial can be the perfect escape. Some time to be pampered and cared for can make a world of difference and help you get through the dark cold winter months. When you take the time to care for yourself, you feel confident and ready to tackle whatever life throws you.

One of our most popular treatments, our Classic Relaxation Facial, revitalizes your skin with a gelee mask and finishing treatment of LED light therapy or high-frequency treatment.

Your skin is your largest organ and works to protect you all day, every day. Take a few moments each day for regular self-care, protect it from the harsh elements of the winter months, and show your skin some love with a monthly facial in Brantford from Urban Vanity.

Make your facial treatments your favourite time of the month by booking your appointment today.