Hair Extensions

It’s pretty safe to say that every woman has yearned for mermaid hair at least once in their life. There’s something about having long hair or even just changing up your look that gives you an extra sense of confidence.

However, for some of us, long locks might not be naturally achievable for one reason or another and you might be mulling over the idea of hair extensions. We’ve put together some of our top reasons why you might want to say yes to the tresses!

1. Long Hair Don’t Care

Most people have a point they can’t grow their hair past and no matter how much biotin you take or the number of hair masks you try, you just can’t get past the point of no return. Hair extensions allow you to easily achieve the hair of your dreams.

2. Haircut Remorse

We’ve all been there. You want a change in your life so you take it out on our hair, and a few hours later your mid-back length hair is now chin-length. Now, we’re all about a cute bob but if you’re missing your long locks, extensions can have you feeling like your old self in no time.

3. Instant Ombre
Have you been toying with the idea of an ombre or low lights but not sure how it’s going to look, or if you’re ready to commit to the colour? Try playing with the colour of your extensions for a new look instantly.

Don’t like it? You can easily take them out without a need for more hair dye or colour treatments.

4. Turn up the Volume
Not everyone is blessed with voluptuous hair-commercial-worthy hair. If your hair is thin and you’re looking to add some extra volume, hair extensions are a great way to get the thick hair you’ve always wanted.

You can even trim your hair extensions if you want the volume without the length. Talk about a win-win!

5. Special Occasion Hair
Heading to a wedding, gala, or special event? As you plan your outfit, undoubtedly you’re going to start thinking about your ‘do. Adding extensions to your hair can pump up your look and allow you to experiment with different hairstyles with your added locks.

6. I Woke Up Like This
One of our favourite reasons for hair extensions is that you can wake up feeling “done” already. Hair extensions hold their style, so even if you style them the night before, you can wake up with hair that is ready to take on the day with minimal morning prep time.

7. Hair Loss
Unfortunately, losing hair can be a very real problem for some women. Hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume back to your tresses while gaining a whole lot of confidence back in addition to some hair.

8. Accessorize Yourself
Have you ever seen those beauty gurus use their hair as literal accessories, like a hairband? They’re either exceptionally gifted in the hair department, or they are using some hair extensions wizardry to accessorize their ‘do, and now you can too!

9. Easy Peasy
If you’ve never worn extensions before, putting them in might be an intimidating task. However, they are deceivingly simple. Once your hairstylist shows you how to put them in one time, you’ve got it in the bag!

Don’t let your fear of putting them in keep you from the hair of your dreams!

10. Risk-free
One of the best things about extensions is that if you care for your extensions and wear them properly, they won’t cause damage to your hair. Just make sure you’re getting the right colour match and you’re good to go with long, beautiful hair.

If nothing else, hair extensions give you options to go between long and short hair, and who doesn’t love options? Remember before getting any extensions to book a consultation appointment with your local hair salon to get the full low-down and recommendations on what type of extensions are best for you.